Lights, Camera, Conversions: Video Strategies that Work

Effective video marketing is more than just footage on a screen – it’s about sparking emotions, fostering connections, and delivering your brand’s message in the right way, to the right people. We create strategies that help companies have a strong, coherent and polished visual communication, in line with their business goals.

Our Video Solutions

Video marketing is defined by the goals it needs to reach, not by the form its products take. That is why we offer more than videos, we offer integrated solutions, in the form of video strategies and their corresponding media products. Take a look below at our main areas of work.

Corporate Awareness and Employer Branding

Showcase your company culture and values, work environment, and employment opportunities. Depending on your goals, our video strategies might include anything from company showcases, work environment case studies, celebrations of achievements, and opportunities for career growth.

Commercial and
Product Showcases

Unlock the power of visual storytelling to Advertise your products, services or brands! Captivate your audience, boost your brand visibility, and drive conversions with commercial video strategies and productions that make an impact.

Event Video

Events need more than aftermovies, they need whole video strategies around them, with clear objectives and the right video products to reach them. We create a video marketing plan around your event and make the most out of the pictures we film.


We produce captivating behind-the-scenes video content for series and feature films. We create the concepts and also go on set to film. We know the ins and outs of how a set works, because we have experience working on tens of major film projects.

Corporate Sustainability Communications

Is your company active in making the community better every day? We have developed dedicated video strategies to communicate company values and how they translate into the work your organization does, both internally and externally, to uphold these values.

Why work with us

We listen. And we love to listen to every story, so we can enhance it through our video marketing strategies. And this is only one of the reasons why we make great partners. Here are a few more of the reasons why our clients love working with us.

Strategy First

One video? Ten videos? No matter how many and what type, the videos we produce are part of a well-defined strategy. That’s because before looking good or having witty copy, your video campaigns need to reach their goals. We develop the strategy, produce the content, and measure its performance after it’s published.

The Human Touch

We produce many interview-based videos, and our interviewing techniques, developed in more than 10 years of television, documentary and video marketing work, are meant to show the best of you, your team and your company. More so, our stories have empathy at their core.

A Filmmaker's Approach

We’ve worked on film sets for many years, and our experience in high-end cinematography allows us to develop the right visual treatments and choose the perfect tools to bring stories to the screen in a way that best complements the vision.


Every piece of content we film is meant to both stand on its own and be part of a bigger picture. We remix and repurpose content, so very little footage ends up on the cutting room floor and you get the most out of your shooting day. In the end, that translates as good ROI.


SeeDigital Works

Choosing a creative agency is always a combination of reasoning, feeling and economics. And the best partnerships are the ones where both parties understand each other’s process. So here is ours.

We create tailor-made video marketing strategies that align with your short-term or long-term business goals.

Based on the strategy we’ve built together, we craft video concepts and write the scripts that go along with them.

We manage the entire preparation of your video projects, from planning dates, locations and resources, to talent and crew management.

We are your film crew or manage a film crew for you. We are there for the entire filming process, from first camera roll to wrap.

We edit and polish the pictures we’ve shot for you and turn them into compelling, engaging and entertaining visual stories.

We implement and constanly monitor your video campaigns, adjust them for best results and let them shine. Afterwards, we collect all the data and celebrate the great results.

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Our Projects

We are not afraid of variety. For us, growth means challenging ourselves to tackle new and exciting subjects, not making the same recipe over and over again. When we film, we’re all in, no matter the subject – it could be the building of a ship, an event with hundreds of people, a promotional video for headlamps, or a sensitive interview. Our creativity is enhanced by our thirst for knowledge and understanding the subject, and also by our quest to find the best visual solution to frame it.

World Circular Economy Forum 2024
REACT Brussels Conference 2023
TOWT Sail Cargo Ship Build
TELUS International Europe – Gym
Start Your Career At TELUS International
Management Events – The Hague, Netherlands

Our Clients

Big or small, well-established or just starting up, we were excited to work for each client that trusted us with their visuals. Here are a few of the partners whose feedback emails included the words “We Love It!”

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